The 80/20 Rule: How to Combine Home Design Styles

All types of art reflect life, even home design. Our modern lives are complex, multi-faceted and customized works of art, and your home is the perfect place to express your personal style. Contemporary, Mediterranean, rustic, Victorian and modern home designs all say something different about you. So why pick just one? The following are several examples of popular design style hybrids that enable you to design your home around your personal tastes.

But before you go mixing Victorian with Shaker themes, there is one guideline to keep in mind. It is what the pros call the rule of 20/80. Eighty percent of the design you choose should coincide with the same interior style while the remaining 20 percent can divert into your accent style. In other words, don’t try to go 50/50 with your design combinations. The result will be more busy than beautiful.

Rustic With Touches of Tuscany

This dynamic duo is best pulled off by using rustic as your 80 percent design and Tuscany or Mediterranean as your 20 percent accent style.The deep, rich colors of wooden furniture pieces, like hutches and bookcases, make a perfect base. Add pops of turquoise and amber in your accent decor, such as vases and throw blankets. Subtly layering the richness of Mediterranean design atop the cool but welcoming sculptural shapes of a rustic outline creates a sense of warmth and panache.

The fusion of 18th-century Italy and 17th-century Spanish colonialism can be accomplished in the exterior of your home as well. Interlocking pavers lining your driveway create an elegant and striking look for your home. In fact, pavers can be adapted to meet any design style, as providers like System Pavers work with each homeowner to create beautifully designed outdoor living spaces to complement their personal style.

Classic Combined With Abstract

Believe it or not, the traditional simplicity of classic design meshes wonderfully with the bold and unpredictable themes of abstract design. Classic design is one of the most desired home patterns due to the comfortable and safe atmosphere it creates. Abstract elements add a dash of color and individualism.

To achieve this unique style, begin with classic pieces, such as sofas and coffee tables. Then, add touches of abstract flair, like throw pillows in loud prints and rugs in eye-catching colors. Solid, muted colors combined with vivacious animal prints bring the sophistication of traditional style and striking elan of modernism together.

Modern Meets Asian

The streamlined and clean-cut appearance of modern design works magnificently with the ornate and classy intricacies of Asian detail. The circle is an important design factor in both styles. In Asian design, the circle is representative of the sun, and in modern design, the simplicity of the circle is utilized as a practical pattern. The Asian influences that work best in modern-based design include bamboo, pops of passionate shades of red, decorative screens and Chinoserie, meaning “Chinese-esque.” This Chinese influence includes whimsical patterns found in textiles, rugs and porcelain accent pieces.

The beauty of contemporary life is that it is largely centered on customization, as is your individual tastes in home design. Follow a few design guidelines and avoid a few common mistakes, and you can have a fantastic fusion of living art in your home.

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