How to Emulate Your Musical Idol’s Style Through Home Decor

Music is an art that greatly influences many facets of culture, from fashion and hairstyles to attitude and lifestyle. Throughout history, musicians have created a distinct brand for their music and their entertainment persona. The style of your favorite musical idol can be emulated through the interior design of your home once you distinguish their specific brand identity and aesthetic. Here’s how you can integrate some of the most iconic musicians’ awe-inspiring individuality into the aesthetic elements of your home.

The Beatles

The Beatles may be one of the most popular bands of all time who continue to inspire design and style trends. A classic way to incorporate the Beatles aesthetic into your home is through integration of mid century modern furniture with a monochrome color palette. A black and white color scheme would be an nod to the Beatles’ uniform of white button-up shirts and skinny black ties. You can also design rooms after specific Beatles’ songs. For example, “Yellow Submarine” would make for a wonderful bathroom theme. Have a yellow submarine shower curtain as the centerpiece of the room and complement it with brightly-colored, aquatic-themed decor.


Draw interior style inspiration from the ultimate “material girl”, who took the pop scene by storm in the 1980s. Madonna emulates a glamorous, yet edgy, kind of style. Her over-the-top stage costumes and event outfits are loud, provocative and sensual. Integrate Madonna’s attitude into a room with lavish furniture and decor. Mix and match speciality fabrics, such as a ceiling-suspended leather bench and a velvet couch with animal-fur cushions. Adorn the room with elaborate crystal chandeliers and metallic accent pieces. Hang a classic, black and white photo of Madge, herself, as a decorous ode to The Queen of Pop.

Carole King

Carole King is the singer-songwriter extraordinaire who has created award-winning music since the 1960s. She mastered a variety of genres, including pop, soft rock, folk rock and blue-eyed soul. Carole’s profound career has recently come to life on the Broadway stage in the musical, “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.” Transform your office or living room into a Carole King-inspired space with an upright piano and sheet music as decoration. With an 1960s-style, standing vinyl player, you can play the wonderful music written by King, including the 1971 album Tapestry or her 1978 album of greatest hits.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was the voice of the generation, with his heartfelt folk songs composed of flowing guitar melodies riddled with haunting lyrics. While Dylan’s personal style has evolved over the years, a notably identifiable period of his fashion is when he first rose to fame in the early 1960s. Dylan’s attitude and wardrobe represented a style of simplicity, as he was influenced by many country artists. Dylan’s style can be integrated into a room with wooden-framed furniture and a muted color palette. Since Dylan was an avid writer, whose lyrics had a zeitgeist quality, decorate your room with a typewriter and historical books that highlight the events Dylan wrote about. There are a number of options for Dylan-inspired wall art: you can hang an acoustic guitar or create a wall decal that displays a favorite Bob Dylan lyric.

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