Guide to Choosing the Right Appliance for Your Theme

The condition and style of a home can speak volumes about its owner. For instance, a spotless home full of chic antique furniture suggests the owner’s personality is refined and nostalgic, whereas a house lined with shag carpet and sporting stacks of newspaper as end tables might convey an aura of a reclusive cat owner.

It can take years to pull together an interior design scheme that truly expresses you as an individual, and by the time you get your decor in order and get around to giving your kitchen some much needed attention, the appliances have long been outdated.

If you are struggling with making your appliances fit perfectly with the rest of your home’s design, the struggle is over. Use this guide to help select the right appliances and updates that blend seamlessly into your personal space, completing a style that proudly speaks for you.

Use color to complement

If you desire a modern theme in your kitchen, that means sleek lines and neutral colors like black, gray or white. Modern design creates a tone of class and elegance, so to incorporate your appliances into this theme, think metallic.

For example, pristine white walls are the perfect backdrop for stainless steel or chrome appliances with the reflective natural of the polished metal pairing perfectly with the crisp color white. If you prefer a theme less stark than modern, gray walls with black appliances will achieve the same contemporary effect but will be less overwhelming to the eye. Or painting the walls a warm beige shade, which is associated with harmony, matched to appliances with gold or bronze colors will create a balanced and inviting look.

Use accent pieces

It is not always possible to find appliances perfect for your kitchen. In these instances, you have to work with what you’ve got. If the appliances seem to clash with the design or color scheme in your kitchen, incorporate small furniture pieces and artwork to create more cohesion between the room and a new appliance. An accent table or a colorful dish rack can balance two conflicting styles.

If color clash is the issue, a sculptural piece or a painting can be used to tie the two colors together within the room. At the very least, match the color of the incoming appliance to the color of the cabinetry. This kind of simple coordination will never steer you wrong.

Buy from the same manufacturer

If you need to replace one appliance, finding the same maker and line will insure that there is little conflict between the new and the old.

Even if the appliance is not from the exact year that your original appliance was made, manufacturers often stick to similar features and technology, so handles and control panels will not be strikingly different. By choosing from the same line, your kitchen will remain consistent in theme.

Make the appliance the focal piece

If the kitchen itself is rather plain, a new appliance is a perfect opportunity to liven things up. There are several vintage reproduction appliance lines available that offer refrigerators and stoves in antique and retro designs. With these replica models, you don’t have to sacrifice modern functions as many models look vintage on the outside but still boast contemporary tech on the inside. With a centerpiece appliance, the rest of the kitchen will simply require touches of color to match.

There is no need to start all over with the design style in your kitchen when you acquire a new appliance. These guidelines will help you integrate the old with the new so that your style speaks positively for you.

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