DIY Wall Art: Upcycle Wine Bottles & Corks

Not all DIY projects are created equal. Some are just too kitschy for your design taste. Go bold and classy with a few DIY wall decor ideas using wine bottles and corks:

Floating Bookshelves

Nothing dresses up a wall like floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and adding wine bottles is a great way to infuse a personal touch. Flickr user Roy Mohan Shearer details a clever DIY approach with his Ferguson Shelves, which feature floating wood shelves suspended on chains which are hidden with strategically placed wine bottles. The beauty of this project is it can be easily customized to suit your home decor needs. Shelf length can be tailored to the size of your wall and height of your ceiling, and the color of the empty wine bottles can be a match to the rest of your decor.

Mounted Memory Box

Relive that special weekend in Napa every day with a DIY memory box. Get a sturdy cardboard box and spray paint it a shade that matches your decor. You’ll be mounting the bottom of the box to the wall, so choose a box that has a wide enough opening and depth to fit an empty souvenir wine bottle from your favorite vineyard. Line the inside of the box with wallpaper for some extra flair. Affix a mounting bracket to the back of the box and hang it on the wall before arranging your empty wine bottle and a framed photo from your trip in the box for display.

Cork Monogram

Start saving your wine corks and drink up to craft this personalized wall hanging from the blog Growing Up Gardner. Arrange the corks to form your last initial or your whole monogram. Make the letter or letters as large or small as you need to fit your space. Once you have enough corks saved, draw the outline of your letter on a piece of paperboard. Arrange the corks inside the letter outline and then glue each of the corks together using a hot glue gun. Glue a metal bracket to the back of the letter for easy hanging.

Wall Vase

Blogger Sarah Winthrop of The Winthrop Chronicles featured a clever DIY project for a wine bottle wall vase that looks like something right out of a West Elm or Crate & Barrel catalog. All of the supplies can be found in a quick afternoon trip to Home Depot. The finished result is reminiscent of a wall sconce, so this DIY looks best hung as a pair on either side of a door, mirror or series of framed photos.

Framed Cork Board

Create a cork board by upcycling old photo frames and wine corks. Use frames that are at least eight inch squares so you have enough surface area for use. Affix the corks to the glass in the frame using hot glue. These look great hung in a series of two or three. Check out the ones on Simply Em’s blog.

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