Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Beer and Wine Bottles

We consume a lot of alcohol – beer, wine, sake and liquor. Recycling is one way to reduce the footprint of our consumption, but reuse and repurpose is way more fun. Here’s 5 creative ways to repurpose your beer and wine bottles (and caps/corks!):

bottle cap bar

That’s a lot of bottle caps. Small side tables, bar stools and bar tops are all great places to assemble a bottle cap inspired design. You don’t just have to pick the top surface for the caps. You can also use a clear epoxy to give a smooth, flat finish while preserving your colorful creation.


repurposed beer bottles
Image courtesy of Greenbacks-Gal

Really cool usage for beer bottles. A little intimidating to think about cutting glass but don’t worry – there are resources around the web for you. Here’s a 10 minute video on How to cut glass bottles with a bottle cutter, boiling water and cool water (you will need a scoring tool, some safety glasses, a glass sander/buffer and patience).

repurposed wine bottles

Great usage of old wine bottles to give a garden color and shape. And the greenhouse effect will produce lots of little plants inside your bottles!


repurposed sake bottles
Image courtesy of SUIKA in Vancouver

Beautiful way to create soft light with a unique design aesthetic. Use the concept to inspire your own design if you’re not looking to do a giant chandelier…


wine cork coasters
Image found on Etsy

Wine corks, hot glue and fabric (reused or leftover fabric for bonus points) will make a tasteful coaster set. You can even stain or paint the corks with leftover paint to give them your own flair.

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