8 Unique DIY Shelf Inspirations

There are so many creative ways to make shelving units and we are dying to share them with you! Hope you enjoy these Do-It-Yourself options and add one (or more) of them to your home!


Old Rope + Coat Hook

DIY Shelves


Repurposed Belts

DIY Shelves
via Design Sponge


Plated Steel Slotted Angles

DIY Shelves
via A Beautiful Mess


Leather Straps + Mounting Angles

DIY Shelves


Repurposed Pallets

DIY Shelves
via kmackay


Plumbing Pipes & Fittings

DIY Shelves
via The Brick House


Heavy Rope + Reclaimed Wood

DIY Shelves


Repurposed Old Ladder

DIY Shelves 8
via Onestrashanotherstreasure


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