5 Design and Decor Tips for Small Spaces

According to CBS News, the Ballard studio apartments in Portland’s Pearl District run between 295 to 385 square feet. But these aren’t even the tiniest places you can live. Tiny houses encompass just 120 square feet or less, and are often on wheels to move from lot to lot or park in a backyard. Downsizing and shifting to a radically tiny lifestyle may be rising in popularity, but can pose design and space challenges. Whether you live in roughly 300 square feet ors a cozy home that’s just the right size for your lifestyle, there are ways to maximize your design and decor without compromising on aesthetics. Here are five ways to get started.

Ditch the doors

Tight spaces shut off with doors can make your home feel even smaller. Ditch the doors altogether and open up rooms with decorative room dividers and lightweight curtains. Remember to keep the color of your new entryway dividers neutral or light to bring more life to your room, and make it look even larger. And while it’s not practical to lose your front door, there are ways to make it work for your small space. Choose an option with a glass window or partial stained glass to let in more light and give the illusion of more space.

Disguise your home security

Home security is a crucial component to homeowner safety, but doesn’t exactly bring warmth to your home. Consider installing a small security camera to your ceiling to better disguise it instead of mounting it on your wall. Place it inside an old hollowed out clock to give the illusion it’s part of your home decor.

Downsize your tables

Coffee tables and oversized end tables may be practical, but can suck up valuable space in your home. Instead, focus on small, glass end tables big enough for a beverage or fresh flowers. Choose decorative tables to replace your coffee table and push together when you’re entertaining or to create a stunning centerpiece in your home. Move them around or easily push them out of the way to open up even more space.

Innovate your storage

Storage comes in all shapes and sizes, but doesn’t have to take up valuable real estate in your home. Instead, get innovative and rethink traditional storage options. Invest in a bed frame with drawers built right into the frame with enough space underneath to slide in containers or wicker baskets. You can also slide white wooden baskets on top of cabinets or underneath a chair to stow away your rarely used items. Next, choose an oversized ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or storage with a top that opens to a hidden box.

Capture the light

Unless your home is full of windows, getting enough natural light into a small size poses a challenge. The lack of life and light can make your home feel dark and gloomy. Use window treatments that maximize natural light like sheer curtains or translucent shades. Add mirrors around your home that reflect the light and give the illusion of a window. And if you have small windows, place a mirror alongside it to reflect back the outdoors and make your window appear twice as large.

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