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Contemporary Redesign in Buckinghamshire

Today we feature a contemporary redesign project in Buckinghamshire, UK by LLI Design. The project embraces a modern, clean look enhanced with brighter elements to make the space livelier and warmer. The project recently received a Highly Commended award for the Interior Design Private Residence, South East, UK category in the International Property Awards –…

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3 Keys to Effective Office Design

originally published on with permission Office design is an often overlooked aspect of a company’s business plan. Unless your business is dining or hospitality, the design is typically an afterthought. What most business leaders don’t realize is that the design of your office has a tight correlation to the productivity level of your employees…

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Design a Happier Living Space

Your home is your haven, and how it’s furnished and decorated has an impact on how comfortable and satisfied you feel there. When you look around and only see drab colors, you won’t feel the same as when you’re surrounded by a harmonious color palette and attractive furniture and accessories. And it doesn’t need to…

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