We have multiple advertising options available and are willing to entertain custom requests. Currently we receive approximately 20,000 pageviews per month from mostly US visitors, and thousands of loyal social media followers. We can offer additional audience and demographic data upon request.


If you’re interested in purchasing a banner ad (top leaderboard, right 2 banners or bottom banner) then please visit our listings on here.

Sponsored Posts / Native Advertising:

If you’re interested in having us run one or more sponsored posts, please send an email to hdb[at]homedesignboard{dot}com for more information.


We’re willing to add “where-to-buy-links” for any products and supplies used in our images. To get added as a merchant in our affiliate program, please send an email to hdb[at]homedesignboard{dot}com for more information.

Email Marketing:

We are currently in the process of building an email newsletter list. If you are interested in buying placements in this email, please send an email to hdb[at]homedesignboard{dot}com to get added to the waitlist.



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