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May 01, 2017 Featured ///

The Rise of the Irresistible Stair

In recent years, architects and designers have come to understand the importance of the staircase as a medium¬†for increa…

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September 24, 2016 Featured ///

5 Great Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

via Naturafuls Kitchen organization is crucial for an enjoyable cooking experience. A good system saves time, money…

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August 26, 2016 Featured ///

Top Green Remodeling Trends for 2016

via Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel   Remodeling can be an exciting time, when you get the chance to rethink so…

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August 19, 2016 Featured ///

5 Design and Decor Tips for Small Spaces

According to CBS News, the Ballard studio apartments in Portland's Pearl District run between 295 to 385 square feet. Bu…

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May 31, 2016 Featured ///

Guide to Choosing the Right Appliance for Your Theme

The condition and style of a home can speak volumes about its owner. For instance, a spotless home full of chic antique …

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